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PostChrist is a network (website, forum and association) which is almost entirely French-written. The aim of this English-written page is to make it possible for our non-French readers to understand the core concepts of PostChrist and reach the information that is the most relevant to them.

Where to get information about our productions :

http://forum.postchrist.com/annonces/topic7314.html (in french and in english)

How to buy our productions :

All ourproductsare madeonly 500copieson CD-proandpro artwork (noCD-Rs, digisleeves, tapes orvinyls). To see them,go here.

To order,just
contactus andtell usthe number and name ofCDsand the typeof postal sendings (insurance and jewel if you want). By paypal, you add %3,4 total + €0,25.

We try toofferthelowest prices, only in order to make another productionbehind, postalcostsdeducted.Please notethat pricesare decreasingby5 by 5 exemplariesandtheydo not take intoaccount the type ofproduction purchased.

If no shipment for send without jewel, it's because it's not interessant for you.

To European Union and Switzerland (with postal costs)

Without insurance (so, no track number !)

With insurance

1 CD (with jewel) = 11 €

2 CDs (with jewel) = 21,5 €

2 CDs (without jewel) = 19,5 €

3 CDs (with jewel) = 32 €

3 CDs (without jewel) = 30 €


For more 3 CDs -> only with insurance


If you want a particular sending (ex : more 15 CDs) :

1 CD (with jewel) = 14,5 €

2 CDs (with jewel) = 23 €

3 CDs (with jewel) = 35,5 €

3 CDs (without jewel) = 31,5 €

4 CDs (with jewel) = 44 €

4 CDs (without jewel) = 40 €

5 CDs (with jewel) = 52,5 €

5 CDs (without jewel) = 48,5 €

6 CDs (with jewel) = 61,5 €

6 CDs (without jewel) = 58 €

7 CDs (with jewel) = 69,5 €

7 CDs (without jewel) = 66 €

8 CDs (with jewel) = 77,5 €

8 CDs (without jewel) = 74 €

9 CDs (with jewel) = 85,5 €

9 CDs (without jewel) = 82 €

10 CDs (with jewel) = 93,5 €

10 CDs (without jewel) = 90 €

11 CDs (with jewel) = 100 €

11 CDs (without jewel) = 92,5 €

12 CDs (with jewel) = 107,5 €

12 CDs (without jewel) = 103,5 €

13 CDs (with jewel) = 115 €

13 CDs (without jewel) = 111 €

14 CDs (with jewel) = 122,5 €

14 CDs (without jewel) = 118,5 €

15 CDs (with jewel) = 130 €

15 CDs (without jewel) = 126 €

To the rest of the world (with postal costs)

Without insurance (so, no track number !)

With insurance

1 CD (with jewel) = 11,5 €

1 CD (without jewel) = 10,5 €

2 CDs (with jewel) = 23 €

2 CDs (without jewel) = 19,5 €

3 CDs (with jewel) = 33,5 €

3 CDs (without jewel) = 28 €


For more 3 CDs -> only with insurance


If you want a particular sending (ex : more 15 CDs) :

1 CD (with jewel) = 15,5 €

2 CDs (with jewel) = 24 €

3 CDs (with jewel) = 38 €

3 CDs (without jewel) = 32,5 €

4 CDs (with jewel) = 46,5 €

4 CDs (without jewel) = 41 €

5 CDs (with jewel) = 55 €

5 CDs (without jewel) = 49,5 €

6 CDs (with jewel) = 62,5 €

6 CDs (without jewel) = 60,5 €

7 CDs (with jewel) = 70,5 €

7 CDs (without jewel) = 68,5 €

8 CDs (with jewel) = 78,5 €

8 CDs (without jewel) = 76,5 €

9 CDs (with jewel) = 86,5 €

9 CDs (without jewel) = 84,5 €

10 CDs (with jewel) = 94,5 €

11 CDs (with jewel) = 102 €

11 CDs (without jewel) = 97 €

12 CDs (with jewel) = 109,5 €

12 CDs (without jewel) = 104,5 €

13 CDs (with jewel) = 117 €

13 CDs (without jewel) = 112 €

14 CDs (with jewel) = 124,5 €

14 CDs (without jewel) = 119,5 €

15 CDs (with jewel) = 132 €

15 CDs (without jewel) = 127 €

Where to sample and listen to our productions :


How to make a donation to the PostChrist Association and therefore help foster its future growth :

The PostChrist Association is an “Association loi1901” (Association law 1901), which means that all the profit that it makes remains in the association’s treasury in order for its activities to go on. Therefore, the sale of its products, membership fees and contributions are the only ways for the association to keep going and offer you its service. Any donations, even the most modest one is thus an extraordinary input and a most appreciated sign of support from our part.
If the association, together with its goal and the way it is run appeal to you, you may consider making a donation through paypal to baalberith@postchrist.com.

How to get a review :

If you wish to get your Demo, Album or Split reviewed by one of our writers, contact the one whose expertise and tastes fit your production the most.

Here is the list of our regular writers and their preferred style as well as their contact info, choose :

* Baalberith (see playlist) : Atmospheric and Melodic Black Metal, regardless of the concept (pagan, dark, depressive, gothic, satanic, etc…) on the first place as well as everything that relates to Pagan and Naturalistic Black Metal. On the second place, everything else bar Old-School Black Metal and Avant-Garde. Please avoid mix Black / Metal (Black Death, Black Doom, Black Heavy, Black Thrash, etc...), except if themelodic inspirationis real.

* Blaise(see playlist) : Principally Atmospheric, Melodic, Orthodox, Brutal and Pagan Black Metal. “True Black”, blends (Black/Death; Black/Thrash) in second position. Rarely fancies Avant-Garde stuff and doesn’t review War metal.

* Ed le sobre (see playlist) : Preference for outfits whose music showcases influences by early 90’s Norwegian Black Metal. Principally melodic Black Metal, especially keyboard-driven and Old-School, lo-fi sounding sub-types. All sorts of concepts are ok.

* Placenta(see playlist) : Mostly Old-School Black Metal and then Black/Death, Brutal and Orthodox Black Metal. Please avoid everything else.

* Sakrifiss(see playlist) : Atmospheric, Melodic, Orthodox, Symphonic and Old-School Black Metal. No Black Death, Thrash nor anything punk-influenced and War Metal.

* W. Whateley (see playlist) : Particularly interested by Avant-Garde Black Metal with hints towards Heavy and Doom as well as Melodic, Atmospheric, Pagan and Depressive Black Metal. Please avoid over-the-top Old-School, Thrash/Death and War Black Metal, as well as everything endowed with an overtly lush and modern sound.

* Xaph(see playlist) : Predilection towards Symphonic, Melodic, Orthodox, Atmospheric, Industrial and Depressive Black Metal. I am otherwise and in general open to all styles of Black Metal.

In case in doubt, you may directly contact Baalberith.

Please do include in your email, some links to music samples (Myspace, Facebook, Dropbox, MP3…) in order for the reviewer to answer your demand. He will subsequently mail you back his postal address where your production should be sent. In case you can’t send a complete physical copy of the said production (including artwork and the likes), it is entirely up to the reviewer to accept or decline your demand.
We wish to remind you that all styles of Black Metal are accepted but that only Full Lengths, E.P.s and Splits meet our criteria for a review to be made.
We pledge to review as soon as possible all the material that is sent to us but we reserve the right to honestly express our opinions of the said releases and express ourselves accordingly. This means that we refuse to fall into the rather cliché trap of systematically praising each and every release we happen to stumble upon even if it ultimately means displeasing results. Do not see this as an offense from our reviewers or from PostChrist in general but rather as a logical development of our core concepts enticing credibility and reliability in the face of our readership.

Another detail : we do not accept demands for interviews, it is therefore no use to ask us to do so. As we strongly believe that an interview ought to be spontaneous and interest-driven, it is the reviewers themselves who are to contact bands that they’re interested in. Thank you very much for respecting our choice which doesn’t mean that your band doesn’t deserve, on the whole, to be interviewed.

To know more about the PostChrist universe :

PostChrist started out as a website created back in 1998 by Baalberith which progressively expanded thanks to the help of various collaborators. It is, as of today, the most well-known and most visited French-language website dealing exclusively with Black Metal.
Its goal was, and still is, to explain, study and promote Black Metal. In order to fulfill its mission, PostChrist offers, exclusively in French, analyses regarding Black Metal, as well as numerous tools of interaction, expression, information and of course archives and a research platform. It also boasts a large number of reviews encompassing the whole spectrum of Black Metal styles.
Since 2004, PostChrist has also been hosting an active internet forum that has been conceived as a place for fostering exchange and information, accessible for readers who might or might not want to join in. The forum is made of numerous threads informing on Black Metal and its attached concepts as well as others dedicated to various topics stemming directly or not from Black Metal. Finally, and most importantly, it is also a place where one can promote his website, association, or sell/buy Black Metal products.
Since 2008 PostChrist has also been expanded to a non-for-profit organization whose goal is to help Black Metal amateurs in regard to its existence as a bigger movement. All profits spawned from its actions or donations are to be returned to its treasury and be used for future projects. No member does therefore benefit in any pecuniary way from their membership and have as a sole goal the welfare of the association.
The peculiarity of the PostChrist association is that it is completely open to membership, with the sole prerequisite being the payment of an entrance fee as well as the payment of yearly membership fees. It is a unique associative Label project where anyone can influence the production of material he truly wants to see released.

Text by Baalberith
Translation by: L.D.P and Baalberith.