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ABYSSOSTogether We Summon The Dark4/6Baalberith
ANAONLes Rites De Cromlech1.5/6DreamSquare
ARATHORNNiemals Kroenender Als Was Einst War4/6Baalberith
BERGTHRONVerborgen In Den Tiefen Der Wälder...3.5/6Baalberith
BISHOP OF HEXENArchives Of An Enchanted Prophecy4/6Baalberith
BLOODTHORNIn The Shadow Of Your Black Wings2/6Baalberith
COVENANTInTimes Before The Light4/6Baalberith
CROWN OF AUTUMNThe Treasures Arcane 4/6Baalberith
DIMMU BORGIREnthrone Darkness Triumphant5/6Baalberith
DISMAL EUPHONYAutumn Leaves: The Rebellion of Tides4.5/6Baalberith
EBLIS... And Our Time Announces Black3.5/6Baalberith
EMPERORAnthems To The Welkin At Dusk6/6Baalberith
EMPYRIUMSongs Of Moors And Misty Fields4/6Baalberith
ENTHRONEDTowards The Skullthrone Of Satan5/6Baalberith
FALKENBACH…Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri...4/6Baalberith
FORBIDDEN SITESturm Und Drang4/6Baalberith
FORLORNThe Crystal Palace4/6Baalberith
GORGOROTHUnder the Sign of Hell5/6Gul Le Ricanant
GRAVEWORMWhen Daylight's Gone4.5/6Baalberith
HECATE ENTHRONEDThe Slaughter Of Innocence - A Requiem...5.5/6Baalberith
HEIDENREICHA Death Gate Cycle4/6Pascal
HELHEIMAv Norron Aett4.5/6Baalberith
IN BATTLEIn Battle4/6Baalberith
KAMPFARMellom Skogkledde Aaser4/6Baalberith
KEEP OF KALESSINThrough Times Of War4/6Baalberith
LIMBONIC ARTIn Abhorrence Dementia5/6Baalberith
LUX OCCULTADionysos5/6Baalberith
MAYHEMWolf's Lair Abyss4/6Baalberith
MENHIRDie Ewigen Stein4/6Baalberith
MORGULLost In The Shadows Grey4.5/6Baalberith
MUNDANUS IMPERIUMOde To The Nightsky4/6Baalberith
NAGELFARHünengrab im Herbst4.5/6Baalberith
NOKTURNAL MORTUMGoat Horns5/6Baalberith
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENTWitchcraft6/6Baalberith
OLD MAN'S CHILDBorn Of The Flickering4/6Baalberith
OLD MAN'S CHILDThe Pagan Prosperity4/6Baalberith
ORDER OF THE EBON HANDThe Mystic Path to the Netherworld3.5/6Baalberith
OSCULUM INFAMEDor-Nu-Fauglith4.5/6Baalberith
PROFANUMProfanum Aeternum-Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art4/6Baalberith
SEAR BLISSThe Pagan Winter / In The Shadow Of Another World1.5/6DreamSquare
SETHBy Fire, Power Shall Be...4.5/6Baalberith
SIGHGhastly Funeral Theatre5/6Jankowitch
SIGHHail Horror Hail5.5/6Jankowitch
SOLEFALDThe Linear Scaffold5.5/6Jankowitch
SUMMONINGNightshade Forests4.5/6Baalberith
TARTAROSThe Grand Psychotic Castle4.5/6Baalberith
THIRDMOONGrotesque Autumnal Weepings4/6Baalberith
THOKKOf Rape And Vampirism2/6Baalberith
THROES OF DAWNPakkasherra5/6Baalberith
THUS DEFILEDWings Of The Nightstorm4.5/6Baalberith
THY GRIEFFrozen Tomb Of Mankind4.5/6Baalberith
THY PRIMORDIALWhere Only The Seasons Mark The Path Of Time4.5/6Baalberith
TRYSKELLIONSur Le Passage De L'Ankoù4.5/6Necrowarrior