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ABIGOROpus IV4/6Baalberith
ADORNED BROODHiltia1.5/6DreamSquare
AZAZELThe Night of Satanachia3/6DreamSquare
BAL-SAGOTHStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule5.5/6Gul Le Ricanant
BLUT AUS NORDMemoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age5.5/6Blaise
CRADLE OF FILTHDusk And Her Embrace5.5/6Baalberith
CRADLE OF FILTHVempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)5/6Baalberith
DARK FUNERALThe Secrets Of The Black Arts4/6Baalberith
DARZAMATIn The Flames Of Black Art4/6Baalberith
DEVISERUnspeakable Cults3.5/6Baalberith
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADERavendusk In My Heart3.5/6Baalberith
DIMMU BORGIRStormblast4.5/6Baalberith
DISMAL EUPHONYSoria Moria Slott4/6Baalberith
FALKENBACH. . . Ein Their Medh Riki Fara . . .4/6Baalberith
GODKILLERThe Rebirth of the Middle Ages4/6Baalberith
GOLDEN DAWNThe Art Of Dreaming4/6Baalberith
GRIMOIRE (ISRL)A Requiem For The Light4/6Baalberith
KVISTFor Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike5/6Blaise
LIMBONIC ARTMoon In The Scorpio4.5/6Baalberith
LORD BELIALEnter The Moonlight Gate6/6Necrowarrior
LUNAR AURORAWeltengänger4/6Baalberith
MARDUKHeaven Shall Burn . . . When We Are Gathered4/6Baalberith
MEPHISTOPHELESLandscape Symphonies4/6Baalberith
NOKTURNAL MORTUMLunar Poetry4/6Baalberith
SACRAMENTUMFar Away from the Sun4/6Baalberith
SATYRICONNemesis Divina5/6Blaise
SUMMONINGDol Guldur5/6Baalberith
THE ABYSSSummon The Beast3.5/6Baalberith
THY SERPENTForests Of Witchery4.5/6Baalberith
TROLLDrep De Kristne4/6Baalberith
TULUSPure Black Energy3.5/6Baalberith
YOUR SHAPELESS BEAUTYYour Shapeless Beauty4/6Baalberith