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ABIGORNachthymnen - From The Twiligth Kingdom3.5/6Baalberith
ABIGOROrkblut - The Retaliation4/6Baalberith
ABYSMALThe Pillorian Age2.5/6Jankowitch
AMONThe Worship5.5/6W.Whateley
ARCKANUMFran Marder4/6Baalberith
ARCTURUSAspera Hiems Symfonia4/6Baalberith
BEHEMOTHSventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) 4/6Baalberith
BESTIAL WARLUSTBlood and Valour5/6Jankowitch
BLUT AUS NORDUltima Thulée4.5/6Blaise
BURZUMBurzum / Aske4.5/6Blaise
CRUACHANTuatha Na Gael2/6Baalberith
DIMMU BORGIRFor All Tid4/6Baalberith
DISSECTIONStorm of the Light's Bane5.5/6Blaise
ENTHRONEDProphecies of Pagan Fire4.5/6Gul Le Ricanant
FORGOTTEN WOODSSjel Av Natten4/6Jankowitch
GORGONThe Lady Rides A Black Horse2.5/6Baalberith
HECATE ENTHRONEDUpon Promethean Shores - Unscriptured Waters4/6Baalberith
IMMORTALBattles in the North4/6Gul Le Ricanant
NOKTURNAL MORTUMTwilightfall3/6Baalberith
PARNASSUSIn Doloriam Gloria4/6Baalberith
SIGHInfidel Art6/6Jankowitch
SUMMONINGMinas Morgul4.5/6Baalberith
THE ABYSSThe Other Side4/6Baalberith
VINTERLANDWings Of Sorrow - Welcome My Last Chapiter4.5/6Baalberith