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A FOREST OF STARSThe Corpse Of Rebirth4/6JankowitchPochettte de A FOREST OF STARS - The Corpse Of Rebirth
AHAMKARAThe Embers of the Stars5/6BaalberithPochettte de AHAMKARA - The Embers of the Stars
AND NOW THE OWLS ARE SMILINGDesolation4/6BaalberithPochettte de AND NOW THE OWLS ARE SMILING - Desolation
BABA YAGASorrow. Neglect. Pestilence.3.5/6W.WhateleyPochettte de BABA YAGA - Sorrow. Neglect. Pestilence.
BAL-SAGOTHStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule5.5/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de BAL-SAGOTH - Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
BAL-SAGOTHThe Chthonic Chronicles4.5/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de BAL-SAGOTH - The Chthonic Chronicles
BRONAnrach4/6BaalberithPochettte de BRON - Anrach
BRONFogradh4/6BaalberithPochettte de BRON - Fogradh
BRONWhere the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de BRON - Where the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores
BRONЗарђала Круна4/6BaalberithPochettte de BRON - Зарђала Круна
CRADLE OF FILTHCruelty And The Beast6/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Cruelty And The Beast
CRADLE OF FILTHDamnation And A Day3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Damnation And A Day
CRADLE OF FILTHDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa3/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
CRADLE OF FILTHDusk And Her Embrace5.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Dusk And Her Embrace
CRADLE OF FILTHEvermore Darkly...1.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Evermore Darkly...
CRADLE OF FILTHFrom The Cradle To Enslave3/6DreamSquarePochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - From The Cradle To Enslave
CRADLE OF FILTHGodspeed on the Devil's Thunder (The life and crimes of Gilles De Rais)2.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder (The life and crimes of Gilles De Rais)
CRADLE OF FILTHMidian5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Midian
CRADLE OF FILTHNymphetamine3/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine
CRADLE OF FILTHThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
CRADLE OF FILTHVempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Vempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)
EWIGKEITLand Of Fog3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de EWIGKEIT - Land Of Fog
EWIGKEITStarscape4/6BaalberithPochettte de EWIGKEIT - Starscape
EXTINCTIONThe Black Hex2/6DreamSquarePochettte de EXTINCTION - The Black Hex
FENAncient Sorrow3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de FEN - Ancient Sorrow
FENEpoch3/6BaalberithPochettte de FEN - Epoch
FENThe Malediction Fields4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de FEN - The Malediction Fields
FROSTCursed Again4/6CweorthPochettte de FROST - Cursed Again
HECATE ENTHRONEDDark Requiems And Unsilent Massacre5.5/6BaalberithPochettte de HECATE ENTHRONED - Dark Requiems And Unsilent Massacre
HECATE ENTHRONEDThe Slaughter Of Innocence - A Requiem...5.5/6BaalberithPochettte de HECATE ENTHRONED - The Slaughter Of Innocence - A Requiem...
HECATE ENTHRONEDUpon Promethean Shores - Unscriptured Waters4/6BaalberithPochettte de HECATE ENTHRONED - Upon Promethean Shores - Unscriptured Waters
HERMITAGEThe Stone Raven3/6BlaisePochettte de HERMITAGE - The Stone Raven
LYRINXNihilistic Purity5/6DreamSquarePochettte de LYRINX - Nihilistic Purity
LYRINX / ELYSIAN BLAZE / D.O.RUniversal Absence6/6DreamSquarePochettte de LYRINX / ELYSIAN BLAZE / D.O.R - Universal Absence
SAORAura4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de SAOR - Aura
SAORGuardians4/6BaalberithPochettte de SAOR - Guardians
SCHONESENDE Schönesende4/6BaalberithPochettte de SCHONESENDE  - Schönesende
SKALDIC CURSEWorld Suicide Machine3/6SakrifissPochettte de SKALDIC CURSE - World Suicide Machine
SORROW PLAGUESHomecoming4/6BaalberithPochettte de SORROW PLAGUES - Homecoming
SORROW PLAGUESSorrow Plagues4/6BaalberithPochettte de SORROW PLAGUES - Sorrow Plagues
SUBVERTIO DEUSPsalms of Perdition4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de SUBVERTIO DEUS - Psalms of Perdition
THE MEADS OF ASPHODELThe Excommunication Of Christ2/6BaalberithPochettte de THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Excommunication Of Christ
THE MEADS OF ASPHODELThe Murder of Jesus The Jew 5.5/6SakrifissPochettte de THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Murder of Jesus The Jew
THUS DEFILEDWings Of The Nightstorm4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de THUS DEFILED - Wings Of The Nightstorm
UNDERDARKMourning Cloak4/6BaalberithPochettte de UNDERDARK - Mourning Cloak
WINDRIDERA Warrior's Tale 4/6BaalberithPochettte de WINDRIDER - A Warrior's Tale
WINDRIDERTo New Lands... 5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINDRIDER - To New Lands...
WINTERFYLLETHThe Dark Hereafter4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINTERFYLLETH - The Dark Hereafter
WINTERFYLLETHThe Divination of Antiquity 4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINTERFYLLETH - The Divination of Antiquity
WINTERFYLLETHThe Ghost of Heritage3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINTERFYLLETH - The Ghost of Heritage
WINTERFYLLETHThe Mercian Sphere 5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINTERFYLLETH - The Mercian Sphere
WINTERFYLLETHThe Threnody of Triumph4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de WINTERFYLLETH - The Threnody of Triumph