Chroniques et conseils d'écoute - Lettre I

I SHALT BECOMERequiem3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de I SHALT BECOME - Requiem
ICS VORTEXStorm Seeker1/6SakrifissPochettte de ICS VORTEX - Storm Seeker
IHSAHNAngL2/6SakrifissPochettte de IHSAHN - AngL
ILDRAEðelland4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de ILDRA - Eðelland
IMAGO MORTISCarnicon3/6BaalberithPochettte de IMAGO MORTIS - Carnicon
IMMORTALAll Shall Fall4/6SakrifissPochettte de IMMORTAL - All Shall Fall
IMMORTALSons of Northern Darkness4.5/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de IMMORTAL - Sons of Northern Darkness
IMMORTALDamned in black3.5/6obsoletedreamPochettte de IMMORTAL - Damned in black
IMMORTALAt The Heart Of Winter6/6obsoletedreamPochettte de IMMORTAL - At The Heart Of Winter
IMMORTALBattles in the North4/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de IMMORTAL - Battles in the North
IMMORTALPure Holocaust4/6BaalberithPochettte de IMMORTAL - Pure Holocaust
IMMORTALDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism5.5/6PlacentaPochettte de IMMORTAL - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENTApocalyptic End in White3.5/6DreamSquarePochettte de IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT - Apocalyptic End in White
IMPERIUM DEKADENZMeadows of Nostalgia4/6BaalberithPochettte de IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Meadows of Nostalgia
IMPERIUM DEKADENZProcella Vadens4/6BaalberithPochettte de IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Procella Vadens
IMPERIUM DEKADENZDämmerung der Szenarien4/6BaalberithPochettte de IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Dämmerung der Szenarien
IMPERIUM DEKADENZ...und die Welt ward kalt und leer3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - ...und die Welt ward kalt und leer
IN ARTICULO MORTISTestament4/6BlaisePochettte de IN ARTICULO MORTIS - Testament
IN BATTLERage Of The Northmen3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de IN BATTLE - Rage Of The Northmen
IN BATTLEIn Battle4/6BaalberithPochettte de IN BATTLE - In Battle
IN CAUDA VENENUMIn Cauda Venenum3.5/6obsoletedreamPochettte de IN CAUDA VENENUM - In Cauda Venenum
IN LUNAForgotten Lives4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de IN LUNA - Forgotten Lives
INARBORATInarborat3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INARBORAT - Inarborat
INCIPIENT CHAOSSulphur3.5/6BlaisePochettte de INCIPIENT CHAOS - Sulphur
INFERIShores of Sorrow3/6BaalberithPochettte de INFERI - Shores of Sorrow
INFERNALInfernal4/6BaalberithPochettte de INFERNAL - Infernal
INFERNAL NECROMANCY1997-2000, 2001-2002, 2002-20064/6SakrifissPochettte de INFERNAL NECROMANCY - 1997-2000, 2001-2002, 2002-2006
INFERNAL NECROMANCYInfernal Necromancy4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INFERNAL NECROMANCY - Infernal Necromancy
INFESTUSE x | I s t4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INFESTUS - E x | I s t
INFINITASJourney to Infinity4/6BaalberithPochettte de INFINITAS - Journey to Infinity
INFINITASArdeur4/6BaalberithPochettte de INFINITAS - Ardeur
INFINITYNon De Hac Terra3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de INFINITY - Non De Hac Terra
INFINITYThe Arcane Wisdom of Shadows3/6BaalberithPochettte de INFINITY - The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows
INFINITYEnter thy Labyrinth of Hell5.5/6HaßWeGPochettte de INFINITY - Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell
INFINITYThe Birth of Death4/6BaalberithPochettte de INFINITY - The Birth of Death
INHUMAN HATETwilight of a Lost Soul3.5/6JankowitchPochettte de INHUMAN HATE - Twilight of a Lost Soul
INHUMAN HATEMerciless Misanthropic3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INHUMAN HATE - Merciless Misanthropic
INOCCULTAApocryphe3/6BaalberithPochettte de INOCCULTA - Apocryphe
INOCCULTAFausseté et Démesure3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de INOCCULTA - Fausseté et Démesure
INQUISITIONBloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith4/6BlaisePochettte de INQUISITION - Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
INQUISITIONObscure Verses for the Multiverse5/6BlaisePochettte de INQUISITION - Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
INQUISITIONOminous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm5/6SakrifissPochettte de INQUISITION - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
INQUISITIONInto The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult5/6JankowitchPochettte de INQUISITION - Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult
INSANE VESPERAbominations of Death4/6PlacentaPochettte de INSANE VESPER - Abominations of Death
INSANITY CULTOf Despair and Self-Destruction3.5/6BlaisePochettte de INSANITY CULT - Of Despair and Self-Destruction
INTHYFLESHClaustrophobia4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INTHYFLESH - Claustrophobia
INTO DAGORLADApostasie2.5/6SakrifissPochettte de INTO DAGORLAD - Apostasie
IPSUMMystic Evilution1.5/6W.WhateleyPochettte de IPSUM - Mystic Evilution
IRRLYCHTIrrlycht5/6DreamSquarePochettte de IRRLYCHT - Irrlycht
ISHTARKrig4/6BaalberithPochettte de ISHTAR - Krig
ISOLERTNo Hope, No Light...Only Death4/6BlaisePochettte de ISOLERT - No Hope, No Light...Only Death
ISOLFURPfad des Canis Lupus3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de ISOLFUR - Pfad des Canis Lupus
ITHDABQUTH QLIPHOTHDemonic Crown of Anticreation4/6DreamSquarePochettte de ITHDABQUTH QLIPHOTH - Demonic Crown of Anticreation
IZAKARONChaoschrist3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de IZAKARON - Chaoschrist