Chroniques et conseils d'écoute - Lettre C

C.Y.TConfiguration of a Yearned Twilight4.5/6Funky GlobePochettte de C.Y.T - Configuration of a Yearned Twilight
CAEDES CRUENTASkies Daimonon4.5/6BlaisePochettte de CAEDES CRUENTA - Skies Daimonon
CAINAN DAWNNibiru4/6SakrifissPochettte de CAINAN DAWN - Nibiru
CALADAN BROOD Echoes of Battle5/6BaalberithPochettte de CALADAN BROOD  - Echoes of Battle
CALTH / HALLA / RATEN / LEICHENSTATTEMisanthropic Death3.5/6BlaisePochettte de CALTH / HALLA / RATEN / LEICHENSTATTE - Misanthropic Death
CALVARIUMThe Skull of Golgotha 4/6BaalberithPochettte de CALVARIUM - The Skull of Golgotha
CANIS DIRUSAnden Om Norr2.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CANIS DIRUS - Anden Om Norr
CANIS DIRUSA Somber Wind from a Distant Shore4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CANIS DIRUS - A Somber Wind from a Distant Shore
CANTIQUE LEPREUXCendres célestes4/6BaalberithPochettte de CANTIQUE LEPREUX - Cendres célestes
CAPITOLLIUMSymphony of Possession4/6BaalberithPochettte de CAPITOLLIUM - Symphony of Possession
CARACH ANGRENDeath Came Through a Phantom Ship 4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CARACH ANGREN - Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
CARNYXLeaving Reason4/6SakrifissPochettte de CARNYX - Leaving Reason
CARTHAUNBrachland2.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CARTHAUN - Brachland
CATACOMBES"Le Démoniaque"4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATACOMBES - "Le Démoniaque"
CATAMENIAVIII - The Time Unchained3/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - VIII - The Time Unchained
CATAMENIALocation : Cold5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Location : Cold
CATAMENIAWinternight Tragedies4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Winternight Tragedies
CATAMENIAChaos Born5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Chaos Born
CATAMENIAEshkata5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Eshkata
CATAMENIAEternal Winter's Prophecy4/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Eternal Winter's Prophecy
CATAMENIAMorning Crimson3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Morning Crimson
CATAMENIAHalls Of The Frozen North4/6BaalberithPochettte de CATAMENIA - Halls Of The Frozen North
CATAPLEXY...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos To The Ruin...4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CATAPLEXY - ...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos To The Ruin...
CAVERNEAux Frontières du Monde5/6BlaisePochettte de CAVERNE - Aux Frontières du Monde
CAVERNEChants des Héros Oubliés4.5/6BlaisePochettte de CAVERNE - Chants des Héros Oubliés
CELEPHAISTir n'a n'Og3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CELEPHAIS - Tir n'a n'Og
CELESTIAArchaenae Perfectii4/6SakrifissPochettte de CELESTIA - Archaenae Perfectii
CELESTIAFrigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis5/6SakrifissPochettte de CELESTIA - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis
CELESTIAL BLOODSHEDCursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed5/6SakrifissPochettte de CELESTIAL BLOODSHED - Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed
CELTEFOGSounds of the Olden Days5.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CELTEFOG - Sounds of the Olden Days
CENDRES DE HAINENihil Mirari4.5/6BlaisePochettte de CENDRES DE HAINE - Nihil Mirari
CENDRES DE HAINEBellum Omium Contra Omnes4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CENDRES DE HAINE - Bellum Omium Contra Omnes
CEPHEIDESaudade3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CEPHEIDE - Saudade
CEPHEIDERespire4/6BlaisePochettte de CEPHEIDE - Respire
CEREMONIAL EMBRACEOblivion5/6BaalberithPochettte de CEREMONIAL EMBRACE - Oblivion
CHADENNAux Portes De La Mort3/6NecrowarriorPochettte de CHADENN - Aux Portes De La Mort
CHADENNChadenn4.5/6HaßWeGPochettte de CHADENN - Chadenn
CHAOS INVOCATIONBlack Mirror Hours4.5/6BlaisePochettte de CHAOS INVOCATION - Black Mirror Hours
CHARAKTERSielu3/6BaalberithPochettte de CHARAKTER - Sielu
CHARNEL WINDSDer Teufelsbund2/6SakrifissPochettte de CHARNEL WINDS - Der Teufelsbund
CHASMADeclarations of the Grand Artificer4/6SakrifissPochettte de CHASMA - Declarations of the Grand Artificer
CHASSE-GALERIEArs Moriendi3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CHASSE-GALERIE - Ars Moriendi
CHROME WAVESChrome Waves4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CHROME WAVES - Chrome Waves
CHTHONICTakasago Army5.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CHTHONIC - Takasago Army
CHTHONICMirror of Retribution4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CHTHONIC - Mirror of Retribution
CHUR / OPRICH...From the Ghostly fog / The Fireflower0/6SakrifissPochettte de CHUR / OPRICH - ...From the Ghostly fog / The Fireflower
CIEL NOCTURNEDernière Salve4/6SakrifissPochettte de CIEL NOCTURNE - Dernière Salve
CIRITH GORGORFirestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CIRITH GORGOR - Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn
CIRRHUSCirrhus5/6JankowitchPochettte de CIRRHUS - Cirrhus
CIRRHUS / EUNUCHSplit5/6JankowitchPochettte de CIRRHUS / EUNUCH - Split
CLAIR CASSISLuxury Absolute3/6SakrifissPochettte de CLAIR CASSIS - Luxury Absolute
CLANDESTINE BLAZECity of Slaughter5/6BlaisePochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - City of Slaughter
CLANDESTINE BLAZEHarmony of Struggle4.5/6BlaisePochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Harmony of Struggle
CLANDESTINE BLAZEFalling Mornuments5.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Falling Mornuments
CLANDESTINE BLAZEChurch of Atrocity5.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Church of Atrocity
CLANDESTINE BLAZEDeliverers Of Faith5.5/6CweorthPochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Deliverers Of Faith
CLANDESTINE BLAZEFist of the Northern Destroyer4.5/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Fist of the Northern Destroyer
CLAUSTROPHOBIASpectral Summoning1.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CLAUSTROPHOBIA - Spectral Summoning
COBALTGin1/6SakrifissPochettte de COBALT - Gin
COLDWORLDMelancholie²4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de COLDWORLD - Melancholie²
COLOTYPHUSSpiritual Journey of a Forlorn Soul4/6BaalberithPochettte de COLOTYPHUS - Spiritual Journey of a Forlorn Soul
CONCUBIA NOCTESekerou Peruna a Kladivom Thora4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CONCUBIA NOCTE - Sekerou Peruna a Kladivom Thora
CONSTANTINOPLE / MEMORIANight Watch Black Metal Hautes Alpes Propaganda2/6BlaisePochettte de CONSTANTINOPLE / MEMORIA - Night Watch Black Metal Hautes Alpes Propaganda
COR SCORPIIMonument5/6BaalberithPochettte de COR SCORPII - Monument
CORNIGRFuneral Harvest3.5/6Gul Le RicanantPochettte de CORNIGR - Funeral Harvest
CORNIGRRelics of Inner War3/6BaalberithPochettte de CORNIGR - Relics of Inner War
CORPUS DIAVOLISRevolucia4.5/6JankowitchPochettte de CORPUS DIAVOLIS - Revolucia
CORPUS DIAVOLISNightsky Orgia4/6SakrifissPochettte de CORPUS DIAVOLIS - Nightsky Orgia
CORPUS DIAVOLIS / TOTAL SATANCorpus Diavolis / Total Satan4/6SakrifissPochettte de CORPUS DIAVOLIS / TOTAL SATAN - Corpus Diavolis / Total Satan
COSMIC CHURCHYlistys5/6BlaisePochettte de COSMIC CHURCH - Ylistys
COUNTESSThe Return of the Horned One5/6W.WhateleyPochettte de COUNTESS - The Return of the Horned One
COVENANTInTimes Before The Light4/6BaalberithPochettte de COVENANT - InTimes Before The Light
COVER OF NIGHTThe Depths4/6BaalberithPochettte de COVER OF NIGHT - The Depths
CRADLE OF FILTHEvermore Darkly...1.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Evermore Darkly...
CRADLE OF FILTHDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa3/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
CRADLE OF FILTHGodspeed on the Devil's Thunder (The life and crimes of Gilles De Rais)2.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder (The life and crimes of Gilles De Rais)
CRADLE OF FILTHNymphetamine3/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine
CRADLE OF FILTHDamnation And A Day3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Damnation And A Day
CRADLE OF FILTHMidian5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Midian
CRADLE OF FILTHFrom The Cradle To Enslave3/6DreamSquarePochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - From The Cradle To Enslave
CRADLE OF FILTHCruelty And The Beast6/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Cruelty And The Beast
CRADLE OF FILTHVempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Vempire (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein)
CRADLE OF FILTHDusk And Her Embrace5.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - Dusk And Her Embrace
CRADLE OF FILTHThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRADLE OF FILTH - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
CRAFTVoid4.5/6PlacentaPochettte de CRAFT - Void
CRIONICSArmageddon's Evolution3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRIONICS - Armageddon's Evolution
CRIPTA OCULTAEcos dos Dólmens Esquecidos5.5/6SakrifissPochettte de CRIPTA OCULTA - Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos
CRISTALYSIn Hoc Signo Vinces4/6BaalberithPochettte de CRISTALYS - In Hoc Signo Vinces
CRISTALYSSureminence3/6SakrifissPochettte de CRISTALYS - Sureminence
CRISTALYSQuintessence Celtique3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRISTALYS - Quintessence Celtique
CROW BLACK SKYSidereal Light : Volume One4/6BaalberithPochettte de CROW BLACK SKY - Sidereal Light : Volume One
CROWN OF AUTUMNThe Treasures Arcane 4/6BaalberithPochettte de CROWN OF AUTUMN - The Treasures Arcane
CRUACHANBlood On The Black Robe4/6NecrowarriorPochettte de CRUACHAN - Blood On The Black Robe
CRUACHANPagan2.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRUACHAN - Pagan
CRUACHANTuatha Na Gael2/6BaalberithPochettte de CRUACHAN - Tuatha Na Gael
CRYOGENICParsifal 212.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYOGENIC - Parsifal 21
CRYPTIC FORESTYstyr2/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYPTIC FOREST - Ystyr
CRYPTIC FORESTDawn of the Eclipse4/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYPTIC FOREST - Dawn of the Eclipse
CRYPTIC WINTERMOONOf Shadows... And the Dark Things You Fear3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYPTIC WINTERMOON - Of Shadows... And the Dark Things You Fear
CRYPTIC WINTERMOONA Coming Storm4/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYPTIC WINTERMOON - A Coming Storm
CRYPTIC WINTERMOONThe Age Of Cataclysm4/6BaalberithPochettte de CRYPTIC WINTERMOON - The Age Of Cataclysm
CRYSTALIUMDe Aeternitate Commando5.5/6BlaisePochettte de CRYSTALIUM - De Aeternitate Commando
CSEJTHERéminiscence5/6BaalberithPochettte de CSEJTHE - Réminiscence
CUCKOO’S NESTEverything Is Not as It Was Yesterday4/6BaalberithPochettte de CUCKOO’S NEST - Everything Is Not as It Was Yesterday
CULT OF ERINYESA Place to Call My Unknown3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CULT OF ERINYES - A Place to Call My Unknown
CULT OF ERINYESGolgotha3.5/6JankowitchPochettte de CULT OF ERINYES - Golgotha
CURSE UPON A PRAYERRotten Tongues3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CURSE UPON A PRAYER - Rotten Tongues
CURSED ANGUISHIn Awe of Agony 3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de CURSED ANGUISH - In Awe of Agony