Chroniques et conseils d'écoute - Lettre O

OAKTheir Death, Our Freedom0.5/6DreamSquarePochettte de OAK - Their Death, Our Freedom
OATH OF CIRIONDragonmagick4/6BaalberithPochettte de OATH OF CIRION - Dragonmagick
OBSCURITEContemplation2.5/6BlaisePochettte de OBSCURITE - Contemplation
OBSCURUS ADVOCAMVerbia Daemonicus5.5/6MedievalCraftPochettte de OBSCURUS ADVOCAM - Verbia Daemonicus
OBSIDIAN GATEColossal Christhunt4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OBSIDIAN GATE - Colossal Christhunt
OBSIDIAN GATEThe Nightspectral Voyage5/6BaalberithPochettte de OBSIDIAN GATE - The Nightspectral Voyage
OBSIDIAN TONGUEA Nest of Ravens In the Throat of Time2.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OBSIDIAN TONGUE - A Nest of Ravens In the Throat of Time
OBSIDIAN TONGUEVolume I : Subradiant Architecture3/6BaalberithPochettte de OBSIDIAN TONGUE - Volume I : Subradiant Architecture
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENTThe Shephred And The Hounds Of Hell4/6BaalberithPochettte de OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT - The Shephred And The Hounds Of Hell
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENTSoulblight6/6BaalberithPochettte de OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT - Soulblight
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENTWitchcraft6/6BaalberithPochettte de OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT - Witchcraft
OCCULTUSInthial4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OCCULTUS - Inthial
OCTOBER FALLSThe Plague of a Coming Age3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OCTOBER FALLS - The Plague of a Coming Age
OCTOBER FALLSA Collapse of Faith 4/6BaalberithPochettte de OCTOBER FALLS - A Collapse of Faith
OCTOBER FALLSThe Womb of Primordial Nature5/6NepenthesPochettte de OCTOBER FALLS - The Womb of Primordial Nature
OCTOBER FALLSThe Streams of the End4/6BaalberithPochettte de OCTOBER FALLS - The Streams of the End
ODALZornes Heimat 4/6BaalberithPochettte de ODAL - Zornes Heimat
ODAL...wilde Kraft4/6BaalberithPochettte de ODAL - ...wilde Kraft
ODESchimmenwoud3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de ODE - Schimmenwoud
ODELEGGERThe Titan's Tomb4.5/6PlacentaPochettte de ODELEGGER - The Titan's Tomb
ODELEGGERThe End of TIdes3.5/6MarekPochettte de ODELEGGER - The End of TIdes
ODIUMThe Sad Realm Of The Stars4/6BaalberithPochettte de ODIUM - The Sad Realm Of The Stars
OFERMODTiamtü2/6SakrifissPochettte de OFERMOD - Tiamtü
OIZYSHymns to the Furies3.5/6SakrifissPochettte de OIZYS - Hymns to the Furies
OLD MAN'S CHILDSlaves Of The World1/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - Slaves Of The World
OLD MAN'S CHILDVermin3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - Vermin
OLD MAN'S CHILDIn Defiance Of Existence2/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - In Defiance Of Existence
OLD MAN'S CHILDRevelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation
OLD MAN'S CHILDIll-Natured Spiritual invasion4/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - Ill-Natured Spiritual invasion
OLD MAN'S CHILDBorn Of The Flickering4/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - Born Of The Flickering
OLD MAN'S CHILDThe Pagan Prosperity4/6BaalberithPochettte de OLD MAN'S CHILD - The Pagan Prosperity
OLD WAINDSNordraum4.5/6BlaisePochettte de OLD WAINDS - Nordraum
ONDSKAPTArisen From the Ashes2/6SakrifissPochettte de ONDSKAPT - Arisen From the Ashes
ONE MASTERForsaking A Dead World5/6DreamSquarePochettte de ONE MASTER - Forsaking A Dead World
ORAKLETourments & Perdition4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de ORAKLE - Tourments & Perdition
ORANSSI PAZUZUVärähtelijä5/6obsoletedreamPochettte de ORANSSI PAZUZU - Värähtelijä
ORANSSI PAZUZUValonielu5/6obsoletedreamPochettte de ORANSSI PAZUZU - Valonielu
ORDENSBURGLegenden des Krieges3.5/6BlaisePochettte de ORDENSBURG - Legenden des Krieges
ORDER OF THE EBON HANDXV : The Devil4/6BaalberithPochettte de ORDER OF THE EBON HAND - XV : The Devil
ORDER OF THE EBON HANDThe Mystic Path to the Netherworld3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de ORDER OF THE EBON HAND - The Mystic Path to the Netherworld
ORDER OF THE WHITE HANDVeren muisto4.5/6BlaisePochettte de ORDER OF THE WHITE HAND - Veren muisto
ORDO DRACONISThe Wing and the Burden3.5/6XaphPochettte de ORDO DRACONIS - The Wing and the Burden
OREMUSPopioły4.5/6XaphPochettte de OREMUS - Popioły
ORIGINAL SINBlack Depression4/6SakrifissPochettte de ORIGINAL SIN - Black Depression
ORLOKBlack Funeral Holocaust4/6BlaisePochettte de ORLOK - Black Funeral Holocaust
ORTHANCL'amorce du Déclin5/6PlacentaPochettte de ORTHANC - L'amorce du Déclin
ORTHANCL'Âge de Raison4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de ORTHANC - L'Âge de Raison
OS-CROIXScivias4/6BlaisePochettte de OS-CROIX - Scivias
OSCULUM INFAMEAxis of Blood4.5/6BlaisePochettte de OSCULUM INFAME - Axis of Blood
OSCULUM INFAMEDor-Nu-Fauglith4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OSCULUM INFAME - Dor-Nu-Fauglith
OSIRIONReconquista4.5/6NecrowarriorPochettte de OSIRION - Reconquista
OSKOREIENOskoreien4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OSKOREIEN - Oskoreien
OSTOTSHeriotzaren Bidezidorrak4/6BaalberithPochettte de OSTOTS - Heriotzaren Bidezidorrak
OV HELLThe Underworld Regime4.5/6SakrifissPochettte de OV HELL - The Underworld Regime
OV HOLLOWNESSDrawn to Descend3.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OV HOLLOWNESS - Drawn to Descend
OV HOLLOWNESSDrawn to Descend4/6BaalberithPochettte de OV HOLLOWNESS - Drawn to Descend
OV HOLLOWNESSDiminished4.5/6BaalberithPochettte de OV HOLLOWNESS - Diminished
OVSKUMAtto I4/6CweorthPochettte de OVSKUM - Atto I
OWL'S BLOODCold Night of Meditation4.5/6BlaisePochettte de OWL'S BLOOD - Cold Night of Meditation